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Improve the quality of processing of continuous type sandblasting machine

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Sandblasting machine due to the high efficiency of continuous work, liked by some industries, but sandblasting due to frequent operation of continuous work, sand blasting processing quality as other sandblasting equipment, improving the quality of continuous operation type sandblasting machine became issues of concern to everyone, Belden machine as the region's biggest sandblasting machine production base, Had done for a shipyard had a improving type sandblasting machine of continuous quality improvement plan, to share with you:


    Continuous operation type sandblasting machine is the largest current shipyard application block painting workshop, the traditional control flow is shown in Figure 3. Spray sand job Shi, Xia warehouse insurance pressure, shangcangjia sand, dang Shang material bit detection instrument issued full warehouse signal Hou, stop added sand, now material bit detection instrument issued empty warehouse signal Hou, Shang warehouse seal blocking valve rises insurance pressure, Xia warehouse seal blocking valve automatically falls, Shang warehouse of abrasive automatically fell to Xia warehouse in the to, this process by timer control, timing time to has, Shang warehouse exhaust unloading pressure, again added sand. Improved warehouse under the warehouse capacity requirements on the sandblasting machine less than capacity, after the warehouse under the abrasive into the warehouse on the level lower than that plugging the bottom surface of the valve, ensure that the sealing valve on the rise without abrasives, which play a role in protection plug valve and sealing ring. Due to the positions on the capacity of small, abrasive frequently, increase the wear of blasting machine. In each boot using Shi, often will appeared Xia warehouse seal blocking valve seal blocking not strict and produced leak phenomenon, this is because in last shut machine Shi, upper and lower warehouse within are has abrasive, unloading pressure Hou Xia warehouse seal blocking valve falls, Shang warehouse abrasive followed falls, Xia warehouse seal blocking valve was flooded in abrasive in the, seal blocking valve and sealed circle between clip has abrasive, led to seal blocking valve rises Shi eccentric to caused leak phenomenon, makes sandblasting machine cannot normal work, while also increased has seal blocking valve and sealed circle of wear. During the operation, warehouse down on cangjia sands of time controlled by a timer, time duration should be appropriate, we must ensure that the abrasive falls entirely in the warehouse to warehouse on and keep in a cycle, the abrasive supply should therefore determine exactly what time.

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