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Wet sand blasting machine common fault repair and improvement

Number of visits: Date:2016-08-24

 Baitong mechanical production of wet sand blasting machine is mainly used for polishing of parts removal, in order to reduce the transmission of noise. sandblasting machine using multiple failures in analysis based on the equipments work principle, combined with practical experience in the use, maintenance for some analysis.


1 breakdown phenomena and analysis, repair and improvement measures

1.1 Common faults

Rubber mixing nozzle or mixing nozzle pipe plug. (To easy analysis description fault reasons, special will wet sandblasting machine main parts principle figure attached in we in the, see Figure 1) mixing nozzle or received mixing nozzle rubber tube jam of main reasons for sandblasting machine work a time Hou inevitably to downtime, downtime time too long plus mill liquid ratio in the mill sand components more, downtime Hou closed in rubber tube of mill sand liquid in the water will slowly flow to storage box within and mill sand is accumulation in rubber tube caused rubber tube jam. Mixing nozzles fixed in the bottom of the reservoir, to dredge hose must vent tank grinding fluid into the tank after the whole hose out cleaning and maintenance very difficult. The sandblasting machine has all of our factory using compressed air instead of grinding fluid mixing, gas from compressed air pipelines Φ20 mm tube into the rubber tube. Improved has been used for over a year, using normal, mixing nozzle has never been blocked.


1.2 Common failure II

Pendulum sweeping gun gun jams caused by grinding in a group by airbrush compressed air tube back into the gas supply charge, who would then head into the gas source three parts water in the filter Cup, making it full of grinding fluid. Gun jam except few is mill liquid tube jam outside, most situation is for tube diameter relative smaller of compression air tube jam, due to gun compression air pipeline in the has a one-way switch, this switch by a rubber Plug and spring composition (see Figure 2), work Shi compression air pass into gun air tube, with air pressure overcome spring stretch will rubber plug top open, downtime Shi theory compression air a stopped rubber plug that should in spring stretch role Xia to Shang top, closed into tracheal, prevent mill sand liquid by air tube return. However, because of the fatigue damage, elastic spring down or grinding fluid disturbances surrounding the one-way switch, will make the rubber plug cannot be fully closed conduits, matte liquid will run down the slot back to the relatively low pressure air pipe. For prevent mill sand liquid return, to do: 1) spray sand machine work Shi to note observation gun compression air and mill sand liquid spray out situation, found air or mill sand liquid jam, and flow reduced phenomenon to timely dredge; 2) on one-way switch has damaged of gun to timely replaced; 3) boot Shi first open compression air again up moving mill liquid pump (random using manual provides for first started sand pump again up angry source easy jam gun), shut machine Shi first shut mill liquid pump again shut air; 4) Airbrush compressed air inlet by adding a one-way valve for compressed air, you can effectively stop the grinding fluid flows from the spray gun to the air supply pipe.


1.3 Common fault

With valve switches the cylinder (see Figure 3), no action. No action when the spray gun does not swing the cylinder, gas-fixed point of grinding fluid in a narrow jet operator to moving parts, low production efficiency, labor intensive. This machine uses the trip signaling switch installed directly on the cylinder, while permanent magnetic rubber ring on the piston in the cylinder, constitute a cylinder with magnetic switch, so that the cylinder stroke is convenient, the cylinder structure is more compact. As the piston moves the magnetic-loop close to the magnetic switch (model CSlF), snap each other switch Reed were magnetized contact when the piston leaves, Reed degaussing, two pieces of Reed, and while the switch is off. Two magnetic switches electrical work can be judged from light-emitting diodes. Cylinder reversal produced by double electric control three-position five-way direct-acting solenoid valve control (model 4V 330C-l0-AC 220V), directional control valve solenoid power, relying on increasing air pressure moves the spool to change gas line to achieve directional control. RRSL-0 2 muffler throttle valve is manually rotated, driven by screw adjusting plunger valve adjustment throttle opening, adjusting the speed of the piston rod moves. Valve with silencer uses the ribbed connection installed directly on the valve outlet, silencing components using metal sinters.


Composite cylinders without failure there are two main reasons: 1) solenoid valve no compressed air or intake manifold pressure. This is because compression air first to after gas source three even pieces in the points water filter device filter off water and micro-dust, points water filter device of filter material with bronze and resin sintering, its pore only 5Μm, air in the suspended of solid dust particles impurities through more hole structure of sintering filter and was filter except, dang filter surface dirt real more Shi compression air on was blocked, caused compression air cannot through gas source three even pieces arrived electromagnetic reversing valve, so to timely cleaning points water filter device filter, excluded dirt real and water ( Free compressed air blowing). After cleaning your filter should be checked three pieces of the pressure relief valve of the gas source, split decomposition under compressed air purge valve after the pressure reducing valve vent makes it clear. This way, you can effectively increase the solenoid valve inlet pressure, solenoid valve inlet pressure up to 3~4 kgf/cm 2 Hou, cylinder connecting rod moves easily. 2) solenoid valve the compressed air is not clean. Result in spool build up dirt, increase spool moving friction, damage the valve hole finish, brushed the cylinders, piston rings and guide rings, o-rings wear, can also affect the solenoid control valve movement. To rapid decomposition of solenoid valve, carefully clean dry valve and other parts and, if necessary, also by means of Emery paper carefully grind the valve hole so back to finish, to gently push the valve core can be easily moved to qualify. If movement of the piston rod is still intermittent, slow after installation, check the cylinder, because they do not clean compressed air pollution also contaminate the cylinder of the solenoid valve should be carefully cleaned dry scrub and dirt inside the cylinder, in particular, to check whether the permanent magnetic ring on the piston dirty or damaged. Dirty, damaged magnetic ring magnetic switch does not correctly detect the cylinder stroke. Check the piston ring and cylinder seals, piston rods and static seal between the piston and, where appropriate, replace the piston rings and guide rings, o-rings. One of the best solutions is in a more directly compressed air supply the compressed air to the air three pipes and compressed air pipe leading to the spray gun air supply separately.

2 conclusion

More common symptoms is interrelated, cause and effect, maintenance, be sure to find all points of failure, out on the basis of the principle of operation, we provide blasting machine maintenance improvements ground checks, ground maintenance, clear failure to ensure maintenance work after a long time.

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