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Operation and use of the inner wall of the pipe blasting machine

Number of visits: Date:2016-08-29

Before we introduce tube wall blasting machine structure and working principle of the system, next introduce internal wall of pipe blasting machine operation and use.

For tube wall blasting machine operation is divided into four steps. Sandblasting operations when the first agencies to conduct a series of inspections in the sand box. If you find some damage including sandblasting pipe and sand bar wear and so on, should immediately remove them and repair, sandblasting machine is not able to be put into use at this time. Operators should also limit the magnetic proximity switches, for damages, it should be replaced immediately. Start the air compressor, air dry. The power switch in the breaker in the electrical cabinet is closed. Operation panel power switch to the on position. Wait until the pressure in the compressed air at about 0.6MPa, the gas ball valves and gate valves open. Secondly, we must take concrete action. Operation panel for "front up" button is pressed, it will blast door open, then open the Cabinet Panel "loading pipe" will turn into rising level again at the time of the pipeline into the spray tank plunged into plate. Close the "loading pipe." After down into panels, pipes will go in the appropriate position of the tube above the wheel, forward rotation. Following the "front door down" switch pressed, shut the front door sand box. Through the operation Cabinet Panel "gun" and "sand blasting start" button was slowed by sandblasting Tractor pulls the gun, will Jet in its starting forward or backward, will blast when a second later. When sandblasting flatbed speed has reached the speed limit sensor 1, speed will be faster. Reach the speed limit sensor 2, and changes to the original speed. In the sand when the front of the tractor to the sand will automatically rewind. Back to the stop position, and then automatically stop back and rotating the workpiece. Add abrasives to the job when sandblasting abrasives in the tank is lower when the State, the system will owe a forecast, serve as a reminder of the role. When sand tank pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure at the time, "sand tank pressure is zero" indicator will light up. "Sand preparation" LEDs will light, sand after a delay. Operation panel for "adding Abrasives", and adding abrasive. Until the "sandblasting machine full" indicator light after pneumatic feed valves automatically feed. Followed by sandblasting operations. Last step is to shut down, all buttons in a certain order to return to the initial position, then turn air compressor off, the compressed air in the tank drained.

    Implementation of the main compressed air sandblasting operations, into the air, forming high speed Jet bundle, then the abrasive onto the parts to be processed at high speed. Changes the processing part, the sand has a certain impact on the surface of the workpiece and the cutting, cleaning purpose that makes the surface of the workpiece. Performance will change and improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, make the adhesion between coating and larger, high durability of the coating.

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