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CNC numerical control blasting machine processing of large metal workpiece, the better!

Number of visits: Date:2016-08-29

CNC numerical control blasting machine or CNC peening machine compared to the effects of normal sandblasting machine better, NC sandblasting machine can flexibly adapt to the size and shape of the workpiece and broader range of applications, and it can easily clean large and complex workpieces. Arm guide nozzle artifacts hidden corner of the complex can clean up gaps and dead ends, oscillating nozzle to further speed up the cleanup process. Robots can be controlled manually intensive individual artifacts, can be fully automated to strengthen family artifacts. Robots can be based on different surfaces require the use of any size and shape of the pill. Robot programming by operator control lever, similar workpiece sandblasting can be done automatically through their program.

NC sandblasting machine more environmentally friendly, without manual operation nozzle in person, no physical harm to employees, employees control the program in automatic working condition, working turntable, spray gun, shot flow, elevators, vibrating screen, spiral separator, shot peening time control.

But during operation should pay attention to the following details:

1. the sandblasted surface machining operation, sand blasting machine as close to the work, reducing loss of pipe length and pressure to reduce pipeline wear rate.

2. in order to better reduce the number displaced, prevent the rendering of air leak or spray, improve abrasive operation rate and efficiency, prior to construction will fully consider reasonable place injection locations to develop Jet routes.

3. hose sandblasted surface processing requirement reduce pressure losses and abrasive on the corrosion resistance of the hose, the premises must be bent in the construction, always adjust the destination, to wear uniform, delaying the using life of the hose. 

4. sand surface due to air pressure, nozzle diameter, processing quality, surface rust, efficiency of air-time to adjust.

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