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Factors that determine the effect of CNC peening machine have?

Number of visits: Date:2016-08-29

   Shot peening machine intensive processing is one of the methods for improving the fatigue strength of parts, in the 1970 of the 20th century have been widely used in coal mine machinery, aviation, automobile manufacturing and agricultural industries. Belden machinery and research and development of CNC peening machine, CNC peening machine for turbine blades and blade roots surface peening PEEN when workers only for loading and unloading parts operation, the rest completely automatically by a machine. In automatic working condition, working turntable, spray gun, shot flow, elevators, vibrating screen, spiral separator, shot peening time control.

It works is the guide arm nozzle artifacts hidden corner of the complex can clean up gaps and dead ends, oscillating nozzle to further speed up the cleanup process. Robots can be controlled manually intensive individual artifacts, can be fully automated to strengthen family artifacts. Robots can be based on different surfaces require the use of any size and shape of the pill. Robot programming by operator control lever, similar workpiece sandblasting can be done automatically through their program.



Peening is powered by compressed air, using fine spherical steel shot from spray gun pressure, forming dozens of meters per second high speed flow of combat gear tooth surface finish strengthening treatment, to produce a thin layer of high residual stresses. After peening of gears when the external load is applied, because offsets the tensile stress due to load and reduce the surface compressive stress after the blast. Imposed loads on the part if it does not exceed the ultimate tensile strength of the material, and at or below the elastic limit or yield point, blast pressure stress still remains in part, according to the theory of crack propagation and crack does not extend to compression stress layer. Therefore, by shot-peening can increase the fatigue life of parts, eliminate machining marks of stress, improve lubrication performance.

    Effect of shot-peening depends on 2 factors: (1) the material conditions and the amount of material to absorb energy from the energy conduction (2)-blast is based on Elasto-plastic deformation regularity of different materials, and blast mechanisms, according to the mechanism of the development of algorithms. By controlling curvature of variable stiffness plates, residual stress distribution along the parts section, in accordance with the surface deformation rule of optimization.

    In the blast, also through the reliable algorithms to determine a reasonable amount of reasonable blast technique or sand processing, can make the effect better.

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